therapy3The Exceptional Rehab program at Middletown Park serves as a bridge between hospital and home, spanning the gap from recovery to community reentry.   Our Dedicated rehab department are hard at work 7 days a week, helping each resident achieve their highest functional level.

Our Team of highly credentialed physical, occupational, and speech therapists work in tandem to create restorative care programs that prepare residents for their eventual return back home to the community.

Residents, not on an active Rehab program, are regularly assessed by our team of professionals for any change in their abilities and placed on an appropriate Rehab program as clinically indicated. For the long-term residents, the personalized restorative care programs are designed to maximize and maintain their independence and functional ability.

An Individualized Plan of care is designed based on the initial capabilities of each resident and it is continuously reviewed and modified to keep pace with the changing needs of each.